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Superstar Waffles


We’ve been craving waffles for some time, and Superstar Waffles has been taunting us with their delicious menu. Though if you look on Urbanspoon you’ll see they are open for ‘breakfast’, we don’t consider it to really be breakfast if it’s opening time is 1pm.

You’ll find Superstar waffles down a laneway off William Street. It’s in the midst of other cool places, Francoforte Spaghetti bar, the newly opened Babooshka and hipster bar, Ezra Pound.


Our first selection was the S’mores waffles, their take on the choc marshmallow treat. We added ice cream for a little extra. The waffles was nicely done with some crispness to it, and the marshmallow was fantastic. A great sweet treat.


We’re rather fond of banoffe and it was an easy choice off the menu. The bananas were nice and ripe and had lots of flavour. We added ice cream to this too, which was a good addition but there really wasn’t enough toffee to bring it all together. If there’s going to be toffee, you really need to be generous with it. As with the S’mores the waffles were well done, light, crisp, fresh and hot.

Superstar Waffles is perfect to satisfy that sweet craving, just make sure you don’t get there before 1pm!

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Superstar Waffles on Urbanspoon

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