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Boho Espresso


A stones throw from the beach and soaked in a relaxed Scarborough vibe, Boho Espresso is perfect for weekend breakfasts and mid week escapes. We visited with some friends, enjoying the open air and gentle salty breeze and cooing over other diners puppies.


We were given menus at the table but had to join a rather ridiculous line inside to place our orders. The menu items all have interesting names and I found myself rehearsing them under my breathe as I waited to make sure I got the order right!


The first to make it to our table was the ‘Neon’, a mix of pineapple, spinach and banana. This had a real freshness and zing from the pineapple, the banana gave it a bit of creaminess and the spinach made it feel healthy. The drink was light and tasty.


For our coffees we went for the single origin, delighted that they were serving up beans from Market Lane Melbourne, a discovery from our recent trip over East. The coffee was delicious, rich and creamy with a smooth feel. The only downside is that it arrived after our meals, the kitchen seemed to be pumping out meals but the baristas couldn’t keep up. We ordered a second coffee on our way out, this time just the blend, but it just couldn’t match the single origin.


Our first dish was the forked pork, pulled pork with a poached egg, corn purée, fennel, red onion and parsley. This dish was huge, a mountainous stack of toast and shredded pork, completely impractical but so very impressive when it arrived at your table. The flavours all worked well, but we found there just wasn’t enough corn purée to go with the tender and juicy pork. The eggs were nicely poached and the dish was served nice and hot. If you’re a fan of meaty dishes, you’ll be very happy with this.


We also tried the Baroness, Boho’s french toast. It was similarly huge, served with spiced ricotta, honey and caramelized rhubarb. For over $20 for each of our dishes, you would expect a big serve so though it was expensive, we weren’t disappointed. The rhubarb was delicious, full of flavour and still kept it’s shape. The french toast was a little soggy and the crust difficult to cut, but the middle was about right and the toppings saved the rest. This was definitely a full on sweet breakfast due to the serving size so be prepared!

Boho Espresso is a great spot, serving over the top dishes with a relaxed, beachy fee that’s perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

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