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Green Refectory / Brunswick

The Green Refectory is a local institution on Sydney Road, loved for their cheap and cheerful meals and long opening hours.

There always seems to be a line on weekends, making it difficult to get into door of the cafe, let alone find a table. You’ll need to order at the counter and the queue can be crushing, keep that in mind before getting a seat at the front tables! It’s also a cash only establishment, a bit of an inconvenience, though there’s ATM’s close by if you need them.The coffees at the Green Refectory are popular mostly for their $3 price tag. Considering how cheap the coffee is, it’s decent, but obviously not a specialty coffee. If you’re looking for a better brew in the Brunswick area you can always head over to Code Black or Wide Open Road after your meal. Our first selection from the menu was the Eggs Benedict for $11. It’s a large serving considering the price, but it’s a little odd that tomato was included, perhaps to bulk up the size. The eggs were well poached. We’re always really fond of hollandaise and wanted a larger serve and thicker sauce. The ham was nice, but again a thinner cut than we would have liked. It’s safe to say you get what you pay for. It’s a basic meal, but it’s tasty. We also tried the breakfast stack, served with haloumi, tomato, mashed potato, spinach and an egg. Again for the price we paid it was a big and filling serve. We really enjoyed the creamy mash and the haloumi but it was still a basic meal and nothing particularly special.

You get what you pay for a The Green Refectory, it’s simple and it’s tasty but not particularly sophisticated dining. If you want to go out and enjoy a meal with friends without the horrendous price tag at some of the more fine dining breakfast establishments, you’ll find it perfectly meets your needs.

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