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Lenny the Ox, Freo


In the hub of cafes and retail stores around Wray Avenue you’ll find the recently opened Lenny the Ox. Situated in the midst of freo you’ll get that relaxed vibe we associate with our southern city, with plenty of people, their children and pets of all kinds out enjoying the day.


We snagged a great table by the window just as another couple left it. It was perfect for people watching along the street while still being able to appreciate the inside of the quirky cafe. The only downside was it took a very long time to be cleared and we eventually needed to ask as the staff seemed under the pump and without dedicated waitstaff to cover it.


The cafe had a vintage but relaxed feel with an imposing counter top.


You’ll need to collect a menu by the door and then make your way over to the counter to place your order.


Our coffees were rich and creamy with a full flavour. A great way to start our meal.


We also ordered a green smoothie for $9.50, quite expensive compared to others we’ve had. The ingredients were lovely with a mix of banana, kiwi, kale and apple. The smoothies was creamy with the pop of chia seed on top for that superfood boost!


We ordered the most ridiculous breakfast item on the menu, if you’re into sweet treats, you can’t go past this. Pancakes served with Spanish caramel (dulce de leche really), brownie, jam, and ice cream. The best part was that the pancakes were delicious by themselves, light, moist and fluffy, not just there to make it seem like you didn’t just eat caramel and brownies for breakfast. This was an overload of deliciousness and we highly recommend it for the sweet tooths out there.


Perhaps in a bout of health consciousness due to the extreme sugar overload of our first choice, we also went for the potato hash with poached egg and hollandaise. This dish was predominately green thanks to the shredded zucchini salad served around the hash. It was a nice mix of textured and a hint of horseradish. The hash was crisp on the outside and creamy inside, but a touch salty. The hollandaise gave a creamy element and the egg was well poached. For $19.50 though we expected more hash or another egg to go with it.

Lenny the Ox is a great cafe in area we would love to come back and explore further!

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