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Willie Wagtail on William St


A new cute little spot has just opened on William street, meet Wille Wagtail! Everyone’s favourite cute little bird is now a cafe.


The cafe is relatively small but it has a lovely warmth to it. The countertop full of treats help but the beaming and genuine smiles from the staff are what really create that welcome feeling.

We were hoping for some more substantial breakfast options but Willie Wagtail offers lighter fare with plenty of options to grab and go on the way to work. We opted to eat in and take a seat in the somewhat sparse courtyard out the back.


The cafe has literally only just opened and is having some teething problems, which can be expected. We ordered the fruit salad and a muffin but ended up with two muffins. I decided to just go with it though because the muffin was steaming hot and frankly smelt pretty amazing.


The blueberry muffin was fresh and hot with a lovely crust, reminiscent of brioche, and choc chips throughout. The coffee took a little longer to come out, we got the impression they hadn’t served many dine in coffees just yet but I’m sure they’ll have served plenty before too long.


The coffee had a very nice initial flavour, complex, strong and creamy. We would give them another try when they’re more settled in and maybe take some of their beans home too.

One of the highlights of the visit was the warmth of the staff, they were lovely, friendly and keen. We hope that they keep up the enthusiasm as the weeks pass.

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