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Epic Espresso


Some time ago and at the very beginning of a discovery of a thing called coffee (now my life is defined by a ‘before’ and an ‘after’) I visited Epic Espresso. I don’t remember much from the visit besides the feeling of heaven in that first, perfect sip. It’s safe to say there was a lot riding on this visit.

The cafe is deceptively spacious once you get past the crowd waiting for their takeaway coffees and we took a seat towards the back.


We headed back to the counter to place our orders and didn’t need to wait too long, the coffee arriving just before the food being a testament to the speed of their kitchen as opposed to the lack of it by their baristas.


The coffee was good, by all accounts very good even. The latter art was lovely, it was served at perfect drinking temperature and had a rich flavour. But it didn’t have that wow factor I remembered, it doesn’t help that coffee is a tricky beast to get consistent at the best of times and the long time between visits helps to build it in your mind to the elixir of legends.

With both a sweet bagel and a french toast on the menu it shouldn’t be surprising that we couldn’t help but go for both.



First up, the peanut butter, banana and bacon bagel and for $8.50 it was an absolute steal. It was packed full with oozy melting peanut butter, perfectly ripe banana and that bacon… Need we say more?! A fantastic breakfast treat.


Brace yourselves, this is another ridiculous breakfast option! A brioche french toast with a Creme brulee-esque sugar crust, powdered freeze dried raspberry and a coco pop crumb. We couldn’t fault the toast, the brioche is perfect, soft and hot, with that amazing sugar crust that just takes it to another level. The chocolate Creme patisserie added a creamy texture and probably the only thing we would alter was to have larger bits of the coco pops and raspberry which would have been a more satisfying textural element and given a better presentation if they weren’t powdered. All in all this was a pretty mind blowing breakfast!

Visit Epic Espresso for the coffee or the food. We enjoyed both!

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