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The Imp, Vic Park


A local favourite, the Imp is well known for their great coffee and food, and their narrow little store on Albany Highway.


The cafe is all wood and sleek lines with a rustic edge.


They play good tunes in a cool but somehow still welcoming location.


The coffee here was enjoyable, a nice flavour and creamy but without that knockout punch of a really good brew.


Our first dish was the heuvos rancheros. We love a good Mexican breakfast and this didn’t disappoint. It had a nice kick to it and a real creaminess from the feta and guacamole. It’s hard to go wrong with eggs, tortillas, beans, feta and guacamole!


Lucky for us they offered french toast with a berry coulis and maple syrup, we added bacon, just because… Bacon. The coulis was wonderful, fresh and flavourful, it made the maple syrup completely unnecessary. The toast was thick with a soft centre and a nice flavour, it would have gone well with an added creamy element, a mascarpone or chantilly just to cut through the sweetness. Overall it was a good, fairly standard example of french toast.

The Imp is a great little spot in a convenient location with good food and good coffee. It’s just another example of the wonderful depths of eateries in the Vic Park area!

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