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The Dollars and Cents: What it really costs to eat out for breakfast in Perth!


When you’re talking about eating out in Perth you will never be far from a discussion about prices. It has caused a lot of debate in Perth, with people often saying ‘it’s so expensive to eat out here’ or ‘the coffee is cheaper in Melbourne‘. Well as someone who eats out their fair share, I’ve decided to share what I know about dining out for breakfast in our lovely city.

I’m going to give you some details from the stand point of a couple, dining out for breakfast with a meal and two coffees each, as a point of comparison. When I write a blog post and use the word ‘cheap’, it generally means that two meals and two coffees cost us under $40. While saying something is ‘expensive’ usually means that it cost us over $50. You’ll often see references in my posts to price, and while I try not to itemise everything we eat, I do like to give people a rough idea of what they’ll be paying should they visit.

The average cost for us to eat out for breakfast is around $40-$45 for substantial dishes like bacon and eggs or pancakes, and two lattes. You can obviously get off cheaper for smaller, lighter, or vegetarian meals though this is not always. When we say that a meal is ‘average’, or a ‘standard’ price, this is the range we’re referring to!

There are places which have a reputation for good meals for cheap, like Brunchinos or Smuggled Seeds but often ‘cheap’ ends up meaning quality is sacrificed. There are also places which are definitely at the more pricey end of the scale, but deliver delicious and flavourful meals that you are happy to pay extra for. You may also be paying for a location, such as at Bib and Tucker, Fremantle or The Partisan. It really depends on what you’re looking for, and how much you think it’s worth. We don’t mind paying extra if the quality is there, but if it’s not… well therein lies the struggle of every foodie with a budget to balance! Had an exorbitant breakfast recently? Or a delicious meal on the cheap? We’d love to hear your breakfast stories!

Well, what about coffee you ask? There’s always been controversy surrounding the price of coffee in Perth, especially in the specialty coffee industry. A coffee in a medium takeaway cup size tends to be between $4.00-$4.50, with places like Cafe Vinyl recently increasing their prices from $4 to $4.40. Don’t get me wrong there are still places that do a cheap specialty coffee, like Low Down in the CBD but increasingly you will be paying upwards of $4 or even closer to $5.

Specialty coffee houses like Architects and Heroes and Addison and Steele have often been criticised for their high prices for a good brew, but we find their coffee worth the extra dollar or so. For us the issue is more about average coffee places charging over $4 for a burnt, unsophisticated beverage. Putting that into perspective, there’s no cost of transport or roasting of specialty beans, so why should we pay the ‘distance tax’ for simply being located on the West Coast.

There’s also issues with the costs of things like extra shots, soy milk, and so on, but we have no experience on it and so are unable to comment. Do you have an axe to grind about your morning brew? What do you think you should be paying for coffee in Perth?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts as a consumer! If you’re on the supply side and could enlighten us on the mystical mechanisms that determine the price for our breakfast and morning latte please do so!

Here’s just some of my favourites in the categories!

Cheap Eats (<$20 per person):
The Pearfect Pantry– Mid Week Breakfast Discount
Ley St Cafe
Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall
Bocellis – $10 French Toast

Expensive Eats (>$25 per person):
Bib and Tucker
West End Deli
Architects and Heroes
The Sassy Cookie – Breakfast on High for $25
Chapels on Whatley

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