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The Greenhouse Revisited

The Greenhouse is one of our favourite CBD venues, ands well known for it’s now celebrity executive chef, Matt Stone. It offers a dining experience that is like any other, with that unique, innovative flair that has earned them high praise.


This time we sat inside to avoid the weather. It had the same recycled edge, with plenty of wood and the kind of art you’d expect for a place as sustainable as the Greenhouse is.


The service was as good as it always has been, with menus and orders taken quickly, and water topped up (from a watering can no less) as we dined.


Our coffees came out fairly quickly but they weren’t as nice as they have been previously. It was creamy but just a but not and over extracted for our tastes.

The menu at the Greenhouse is frequently updated and we weren’t disappointed with the choices on offer this visit.


Our first dish was pork sausages with fried egg, onion rings and potatos with mustard. The sausages were packed full of flavour and juicy, and the onion rings were good but we would have liked a bit more crisp and crunch. The potatos were almost like a bake and the mustard went really well right up until you got through to the smaller ones which were a little overwhelmed. Overall all those this was a tasty and interesting dish.


We also had a ‘sweet’ dish, with a kind of puffed wheat a bit like brown rice, blossom yogurt, almond and citrus slices. This was both a very filling and ‘meaty’ dish due to the wheat, but also had the nuance and lightness of the more subtle and refined flavours like the citrus and almond. The blossom yogurt added a nice tang underneath, you couldn’t say this was a savoury dish but it didn’t feel entirely like a sweet dish either. Either way though it was delicious.

The Greenhouse continues to impress with unique and unusual foods and flavours that just work. We look forward to what they’ll come up with in future!

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