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Cookie Dough Biscuits Fremantle


We’re a big fan of Cookie Dough in Claremont and their cafe in Fremantle has been on our hit list for some time. You’ll find it on George St in East Fremantle, a trendy urban hub, just bustling with activity on a Sunday morning.


Fremantle is well known for its interesting architecture and Cookie Dough is no exception, boasting a spacious upper storey that looks down on the counter below. We love buildings like this, you’ll find The Attic is another example of that uniquely Fremantle two storey Cafe charm.

Make sure to grab a menu while you’re still downstairs as you will need to pay and order at the counter, and unless you’re hoping to burn extra calories to work off the cookies and breakfast you probably won’t want to keep going up and down the stairs.


The upstairs dining area is very relaxed and accommodating right down to the ‘grass’ on the walls.


Our lattes came out fairly quickly and were nicely flavoured, creamy and a good temperature. It was above average for coffee in Perth.


Cookie Dough do have lots of wonderful sweet things, so we decided to try two sweet dishes. The first was the buttermilk pancakes with pear and double cream. The pancakes were light and fluffy, simple but done really well and the pear and cream were perfect accompaniments. For the price we paid we considered the quality to be excellent.


Our second sweet dish was their french toast and it was exactly what I wanted. The toast itself was thick, still had a softness in the centre and had been cooked well. The pear, the same as served with the pancakes, was a great addition to the flavour and wonderfully colourful. The maple syrup that came with it was served in a glass meaning there was plenty to go around. The best thing though was the the whipped natural yogurt, a nice contrast to the rest of the dish. This was just a really lovely dish, with flavours that worked together and great french toast as the base.

We found Cookie Dough’s flagship Fremantle cafe to have a wonderful atmosphere, and the smell of fresh baked cookies certainly helped. The food was cheap but excellent and we’re sure you’ll find something to love here!

Oh and did we mention its kid friendly?


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