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The George, Perth CBD


You’ll find the George on St George’s Terrace, long a lunch and evening haunt of professionals courting colleagues or clients over a drink, it’s now open for breakfasts too!


The decor is that kind of luxe that works the crossover between day and night, and it feels a little odd to be sitting down to breakfast amongst the velvet trim. It does have the signs of a nice eatery though they are inexperienced with breakfast cuisine.


It’s very spacious inside, we could see it as a perfect place for breakfast meetings or a stop in on your way to the office like we were doing.


The coffee was decent, better then we were expecting but nothing too special.


First up we tried the corn croquettes with tomato salsa corn purée, avocado and a poached egg. The croquettes were creamy, but a bit bland and the smear was the same as the filling. The other elements were nice but this dish needed more variety and a bit of kick.


For our sweet option we tried the ricotta and cinnamon hot cakes with pure honey and maple, strawberry sorbet and a white chocolate. This dish sounded amazing but it didn’t really live up to the expectations it created. The sorbet was fantastic with a wonderful strawberry hit but there wasn’t much of anything else and the hot cakes had next yo no flavour. This dish has the potential to be amazing but it needs to deliver with some flavour.

We were disappointed with our meals here, but can see them becoming something wonderful when they’ve had a bit more work and a bit more flavour.

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  1. I just came here for dinner the other night!! I totally agree with you – there is something missing in their dishes, that makes them for being great… a bit of a shame!! Great blog post btw 🙂 xx

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