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The Sassy Cookie: Breakfast on High


Just for something different for breakfast, we decided to try out the Sassy Cookie in Vic Park. This is a very well known teahouse for their high teas, but they also offer breakfast on high, the combination of breakfast and tiny things with tea was something we had to try.

The shop front is colour to the max, lots of wonderful things wherever you looked, we had to walk around to the back however for our breakfast.


This cute little tea house looks and feels just as you would expect, it was dainty and had a really homely atmosphere.



The ceramics were stunning, lots of different cups and saucers around, in dainty pinks, blues and purples.

We were seated, served with orange juice and selected our pot of tea each, the first being complimentary within the $25 price. The courses are served as ready and simply appear in front of you, an element of mystery still.


Our first dish turned out to be our favourite. It was a cute little museli with chia seed. It was well balanced, sweet, creamy and a hint of tart from the berry.


Next up appeared a pancake stack, served hot with layers of bacon, peach and the pancakes. It was a nice idea but we weren’t that keen on the fruit element, the bacon and pancakes themselves were good though.


We were also given scones with horseradish cream and salmon. While the scone and salmon were nice the horseradish was a bit overpowering for us, we could have done with a simple creme fraiche and some chives instead.


Next up came baked beans in a toast bowl. This had lots of very bold flavours and the bread basket was reminiscent of meals eaten at home in younger days. It was quite an enjoyable dish, but very much home style as opposed to chef-like,


The last of our savoury breakfast delights was a chia bun filled with bacon and frittata. We loved the chia bun, it was even more impressive for being tiny. The flavours were good, and delicate, suiting the small medium.


Lastly was a collection of pastries, including a twirl and a couple of tarts. The pastry on them was really nice, crisp and crunchy. We found the fillings didn’t have that much flavour, and the twirl was a bit dense. They weren’t anything spectacular but they were a nice end to our meal.

The Sassy Cookie have a really interesting change from the usual breakfast options, we found a bit more like a breakfast degustation then a breakfast high tea. We loved the delicacy needed to make things so tiny and cute, but it was definitely a more home style as opposed to chef-y version. All that being said $25 is very cheap, especially considering you get orange juice and a pot of tea or coffee included in that price, with any extras half price. If you’re looking for something different for breakfast you’ll find it at the Sassy Cookie!

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