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Cheap Eats: Crumpet, Vic Park


We are rather fond of crumpets, and upon happening upon ‘Crumpet’ in Vic Park on a weekend wander we couldn’t resist giving their little cafe a try. Located on Albany highway the cafe itself is quite non descript, but we found their crumpet laden menu interesting and the prices cheap so we headed to the counter to make our selections.


Inspired by the wonderful @idrinkmilkshakes of Instagram fame, we decided to share a vanilla milkshake. The staff were happy for us to share, providing glasses and the serving size was so big we doubt a single person could have finished it alone. The milkshake itself was frothy, thick and creamy, just what we wanted. For the $5/$6 (we can’t quite recall which) we were pretty impressed.

We hadn’t been sure what to order, and everything being so cheap we ended up selecting three dishes to share. As soon as the milkshake came out giant sized we realised what a bad decision this had been but soldiered on nevertheless.


The crumpet dish (yes that’s what it was called) was an absolute monster of a dish, even for $23. It could quite possibly have fed a small family, arriving loaded with mushroom, steak lathered in a smoky barbecue sauce, poached eggs with hollandaise, pine nuts, salad, bacon and two crumpets. There were a lot of meaty flavours, the crumpets got a bit lost in it all but everything was quite nice together. The steak was surprisingly good, tender, and the barbecue sauce helped to bring it all together. If you’re looking for a big breakfast, you’ll enjoy this, it’s not fancy but its tasty and there’s a whole lot of it.


Next up was the cheese and herbed crumpet with a somak salad for only $8. This was the pizza crumpet for us, it really did taste like a pizza with cheese, all gooey and melted. Again it was incredibly cheap, though we only ate a little of the salad.


Craving something sweet, as as we usually associate crumpets with sweet treats, we decided to order some plain with preserves for $6. One of the crumpets was a little overdone, and they were quite dense but the flavour was nice.

We would love if crumpets offered something more in the way of sweet crumpet based things, even fresh fruit and honey would have helped satisfy the sweet urges. As they offer a sweet pancake dish it would be easy to have a crumpet version too!

We found Crumpet to be a very affordable eatery and a little different from other places we’ve tried. If you want generous servings and are fond of crumpets, this cafe in Vic Park may just be the place for you!

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