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1000 £ Bend


Intending to head over to Hardware Societie but unable to get a table even for a mid week brunch we headed back to 1000£ Bend, having passed it on Lt Lonsdale on the way over. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t secretly hoping we’d make it to platform 9 3/4 too though.


The cafe is surprisingly large and there’s a back area that doubles as an art space and laptop lounge. We could see ourselves happily spending an afternoon writing, chilling or undertaking other creative pursuits here.


We ordered lattes as usual but found the coffee to be a bit over extracted and too hot. There was a decent foam but with so many great coffees to be found around the Melbourne CBD, decent didn’t cut it for us.


First up we tried a breakfast bagel. There was a nice blend of flavours, the dill was especially noticeable and the tangy relish had a great kick. Eating the bagel like a burger meant that everything fell out but it was messy and tasty a good hangover dish.


Another old reliable breakfast for us was the eggs benedict. It looked a treat when it arrived and we loved that they used salty pancetta. The eggs were well poached and the hollandaise had a nice tang to it. Both the English muffin and the parsley garnish were nice.

1000 £ Bend do a good breakfast, but the issue is with so many great cafes around them good probably isn’t enough. That being said it was nice to have somewhere to go close to Hardware Societie that didn’t have a line.

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  1. 1000 Pound are my go to for drinks, burgers and coffee – great spot! Good luck getting into Hardware – if you haven’t been to Manchester Press in the CBD I’d highly recommend them for bagels!

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