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La Miel et la lune, Carlton


Staying in Carlton has its advantages, and one of those is the close proximity to a number of amazing cafés and urban hub that is Lygon Street. However there’s something rather wonderful about instead heading to Elgin st and this university students favourite cafe – La Miel et la lune.


If you’re puzzled by the name you can probably guess that it has something to do with bears and honey from the signage, and it loosely translates to the Honey and the Moon.



The cafe is another one of those long and narrow Melbourne venues, with plenty of cute paper art and very relaxed and friendly guys running the service.


We’ve had a number of coffees here throughout our time in Melbourne and have really enjoyed them. They use Proud Mary beans which you’ll also find in Perth at La Veen on King. We enjoyed all our coffees here and found them to have a nice flavour but to be a little on the hot side.


The first dish we ordered was the vegetarian breakfast to which we added thick cut bacon. We recognise how strange this seems but we wanted the beans, feta and avocado that came with the veggie breakfast but couldn’t pass up the prospect of bacon, especially thick cut bacon. We loved the meaty bacon, coupled with with creamy feta and avocado and flavour packed baked beans.


We also spied french toast on the menu and had to try it. With butterscotch, banana, bacon and pistachio the brioche french toast was utterly impossible to resist. The dish was indulgent and morish, it was a sweet overload with a wonderful mix of soft toast, smokey bacon and that butterscotch hit. Plus there was so much sauce you didn’t run out, and the toast was thoroughly soaked. The only criticism was that the caramelized banana was a little too firm and probably needed to be riper. This dish reminded us of the caramel hit of the Golden French Toast you’ll find at Typika Roastery in Claremont.

La Miel et la Lune is a great little spot with good eats and tasty coffee, we could easily picture ourselves studying and hanging out here with the locals. We noticed while we dined that lots of people came in for takeaway juices so we suspect they must be pretty good, something for another Melbourne getaway!

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