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BBQ Time at Old Faithful


On King st near Varnish another one of our dinner and drink favourites you’ll find Old Faithful Bar and BBQ house, specialising in American meats.


The set up is almost like an old school canteen, ordering drinks at the bar and food down the end.

Want meat? They have it! You can order by the 100g, or go for something simple like a sandwich for lunch, or a platter for dinner.


We decided to let them do the choosing for us and got a Rushmore platter for two to which we added chicken wings and crackling.


And what a sight it was! The platter came with some sides like this delicious potato salad, and crunchy, tangy coleslaw.



And that meat! Cooked and smoked in house for up to 36 hours, low and slow to get that American BBQ flavour with a bit of native Aussie spice.


We found the brisket to be a little dry and needing of some moisture, but with a lovely full flavour. The chopped pig was divine, tender, smoky, and with the kind of flavour that only slow cooked meat can have.

There’s something satisfying about eating it with your hands, getting a bit of bread and sides and making a mess. For a platter of that size though we really felt like more bread was necessary!

Another honourable mention in the line of delicious things was the crackling! It had such a great crunch, melted in your mouth but also stuck to your teeth.

The drinks weren’t too bad either.


Though there were only a few dessert options we still felt we could go for more and selected a couple.

First up was this glorious apple pie with a stout cream for $8.50.


It was delicious and the serving was generous, layer after layer of apple. The pastry was short, flaky and delicious, the cream had a bit of extra kick and the pecan and apple complemented each other well.


For a measly $3.80 we also picked up a peanut butter and chocolate cookies it wasn’t anywhere near as pretty, but it tasted delicious. A great way to end our meal.

Old faithful serve up delicious and authentic BBQ meats, with friendly and efficient staff in a canteen style setting.

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