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Sprolo: Specialty Coffee and Cheap Eats


An unexpected haven for coffee lovers Sprolo, on Canning Highway is the new specialty coffeehouse and in house roaster South of Perth.


There’s so much room, and plenty of stylish decor. The cafe is modern and light with a splash of colour.


We could see the cafe being a great venue for coffee and a chat, morning teas and parents with prams, they have the space to accommodate large groups too.


Gabe, or ‘honey’ as we know him is just lovely. He’d got our names down within a few days of their soft opening and he and the rest of the staff are friendly and efficient. You’ll need to make your order and pay at the counter so be sure to have a chat while you’re at it.


We’ve found their coffee, roasted in house by blacklist coffee roasters, to be absolutely delicious. We’ve lost track of how many we’ve had since they opened and from the first sip they’ve been rich and creamy and the temperature just right. There’s no doubt in our minds they have the consistency required to pass the second coffee test!

Next up is breakfast. The menu at Sprolo has a slight Asian feel to it, with plenty of cheap (<$10) and lighter options. There was quite a few things we’d like to go back and try, especially the traditional Singaporean breakfast, and the completely unacceptable for breakfast, island affogato.


Instead we went with the coconut and chia pudding with lychee and freeze dried raspberry. This was a deliciously creamy and surprisingly filling breakfast. We love the sharp, tart hit of raspberry and the unique sweetness and texture of the lychee. The tasted coconut at the top added a delightful crunch that topped off a unique sweet breakfast. For $9 it is a total steal.


We also tried the pulled beef toastie. It looked a treat as it arrived at the table, the cheese had that melty ooze that makes you salivate at the sight of it. The toastie was loaded with a generous amount of beef and the toast had a nice crunch as you bit down. What impressed us the most though was the beef, not only was it well shredded but perfectly seasoned, something that you don’t see often.

Sprolo have really outdone themselves with a sleek and spacious fit out, delicious coffee and food and friendly staff. If you’re lucky you might even catch the baristas singing while they work…

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