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No4 Blake st Revisit


No4 Blake Street is a constant on the foodie scene, and the regular menu changes have meant we’ve been here a number of times now.


This time was because they had a french toast on the menu, excited was an understatement. For a change and to escape the weather we decided to sit inside. The decor is quite modern and edgy, mix of black and pale wood and weirdly comfortable chairs.

We started by ordering a couple of lattes and pondered over the new menu before settling on the french toast and duck hash.


The coffee here tends to be quite decent, and it had a nice creaminess and temperature to it on this occasion.


Our first dish was the duck hash with toast, walnuts and a tangy sauce. The tang of the sauce was perfect to cut through the richness of the hash, the hash by itself would be too rich for a breakfast dish. The poached eggs were great, they had that gooey yolk and perfect whites. The circular bread disk was another interesting addition, and we found the dish to be incredibly well balanced. Overall this was a really impressive dish was flavours that you don’t usually see at breakfast but that really work.


The french toast arrived at the table with glazed quince, burnt milk espuma and a red wine sauce. The french toast itself was a bit soggy, and needed a bit of sweetness in the batter to take away some of the egginess. The flavours were bold and went well together and the red wine poached quince was lovely. The almonds slivers added a nice crunch to the dish too. However the espuma seemed to have a bit of a strange, gluggy texture and didn’t look quite right, the flavour was there but it just wasn’t executed well enough, which was disappointing because the flavours and concept were just fantastic.

We found as we have previously that No4 Blake Street has great promise and great ideas but aren’t always able to deliver on them. We keep coming back because we find the interesting food worth the risk, their successes really shine and we applaud them for pushing the boundaries on breakfast.

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