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Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall


We’ve had a mixed history with Uncle Joes Mess Hall. Mostly because we tried to visit soon after it opened and were faced with closed doors. This time however it was definitely open and we finally got to taste their much heralded breakfasts in the CBD crowd.


Uncle Joes also doubles as a barber shop, and it was no surprise that you’ll see plenty of hipster haircuts drifting from the barber shop into the cafe.

There’s also the corporate crowd, bringing wide eyed co-workers to the wondrous place, and picking up coffees for the entire office. Uncle Joes has a far reaching reputation for their brew in the CBD.


The atmosphere is a bit quirky, but still comfortable with plenty of tables scattered around the large cafe with a view to the sweeping counter to the side.


Our lattes met our expectations. It was undeniably specialty coffee, with interesting flavour and a nice creaminess.

The menu at Uncle Joes Mess Hall is quite American, and there’s some diner style favourites and unusual flavours to chose from.


Our first meal was pulled pork in a pretzel bun. Unfortunately they had run out of the buns so we went with a bagel instead. This was a dish with yummy flavours that could easily have been eaten for lunch or breakfast. The pulled pork was moist and flavoursome and the slaw was a good combination. The only problem is it’s quite a moist dish and was leaking everywhere in the bagel! Fortunately this shouldn’t be a problem when there’s pretzel buns and it was a such a shame we didn’t get to try it!


We also tried the pumpkin pancakes with bacon and maple. The flavours are very American and the combination just works. Pumpkin is a good addition to pancakes and keeps the moisture and fluffiness. It was a small serve, and the rind was left on the bacon but it was a tasty dish and we were happy with what we got for the price we paid.

With dishes mainly around the $10-$15 you’ll get a cheap and tasty breakfast with a stellar coffee from Uncle Joes, and you can even get your haircut too!

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