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Metrio & co North Perth


We visited Metrio & Co in North Perth for a relaxing Sunday brunch. It’s located on the busy Angove St strip and opposite the wonderful retail venue, the Angove St Collective.


It seemed like a lot of people had the same idea, and the place was packed when we arrived. Seeing no tables available we thought we’d try our luck placing an order at counter while we waited.


We placed our order and chose one of the specials, they seem to rotate on a regular basis, something we appreciated. Lucky for us, a lovely staff member soon pointed a cozy little spot in a corner near the window.


Our lattes were made with Di Bella beans, and we’ve found that their coffee is popping up more and more, and being used better and better. The coffees came out super fast, especially considering the rush and they had a nice flavour.


Our first dish to arrive was the pancake special. When we visited it was pineapple pancakes. I just love tart and sweet combinations, and this really hit the spot. The pancakes themselves were solid, and the cream and berry coulis were good accompaniments. They could have been more generous with the pineapple pieces and included it in the sauce to really make the dish pop.


We also tried the potato rosti. This wasn’t your usual rosti, it was thicker with a nice crisp outside and a softer inside with big strips of potato. We quick enjoyed the difference, and the garlic flavour with it, though it began to get a bit overpowering towards the end of the dish. The other elements were solid and well cooked with the exception of the spinach which was very salty and we just didn’t finish.

Metrio and Co is a pleasant brunch spot and worth a visit if you’re around the ever cool North Perth area.

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