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The Sparrows Nest, Vic Park


The Sparrows Nest is a new addition to Albany Highway and the vibrant Victoria Park cafe scene.



They’ve got a really cute vibe going, and the puppy drinking bowl was a very nice touch.

The decor inside is all just a little bit eclectic and interesting, matched by the good taste in music, we’ll let you check the name of the blog if you’d like to know what genre that happens to be…

Unusually you can see through to the kitchen at the back so if you like you’ll be able to sit and watch them create your meal for you. Orders are placed at the counter and you’ll have to grab a menu for yourself too.


We started with yahava coffees. We found them to have a nice flavour and they were creamy but a bit too hot. We did discover that they make a creme brûlée coffee on their Instagram page after we left, which is frankly intriguing so we may just have to return to try it.


The Sparrows Nest offer a French toast, something that always brings a smile to my face. We ordered the Canadian version with bacon added to the French toast and maple syrup. There was plenty of syrup to go around and we could serve ourselves which is just what we like. The bacon was crisp and delicious and the French toast had a nice cinnamon flavour but was a little soggy. This was simple and filling, but without the bacon ($16 v $12) may not have been sufficient.


As we have done a little of late we also ordered the pancakes. This was simply presented and with simple flavours but it just works and it’s execution was spot on. On the scale of pancakes we’ve had recently this was better then those at Domain on Loch, though lacked the sophistication of those at Ingredient Tree.

We quite liked the relaxing and quirky feel of the Sparrows Nest and their simply good food, we think you will too!

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