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Sixteen Ounces Revisit

After our last visit and with a few more fly by takeaway coffees, we thought a revisit was in order after learning that Sixteen Ounces have a new menu, and new french toast.

The cafe retains the same friendly staff and awesome fit out, but no Andrew Embley this time unfortunately.


The coffee was once again rich, and a lovely temperature. We took another home with us when we left, the coffee here is definitely reached the flavour and consistency necessary to pass the Second Coffee test!


Our first meal was the baked potato hash, presented beautifully in its own skillet. The dish had a lovely rich tomato flavour and the egg was well cooked. There was toast provided but no butter and it seemed like it may have been done in a press, something to keep an eye on as it can ruin the lightness and consistency of the bread.


Next up, the ‘sweet and salty’ a brioche french toast with salted caramel, banana and crispy bacon. The flavours were just wonderful, there was plenty of salty caramel sauce, ripe banana and the crispy, smoky bacon. The toast itself was a bit thin, the serving could have been more generous, but it wasn’t soggy. Again the texture lost a bit of lightness so we would query if it was toasted in a press, something to be careful with.

As we looked around at the tables and all three had ordered the same dishes as us. Clearly we all loved the same flavours, great minds and all that, it’s definitely the sign of a great new menu if people are so obviously enamoured with the same things.

Sixteen Ounces are still putting out interesting and tasty food and coffee, and they continue to impress us with friendly and efficient service.

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