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The Feast Nedlands

We visited Feast Cafe in Nedlands on a quiet Saturday morning after hearing good things about their food.


The cafe was quiet when we arrived, the room was nice and open and the eye was immediately drawn to the large and imposing counter. The cafe was fairly comfortable and seemed to be aiming for a bit of an alternative feel, which these days has become the norm.


We were looking forward to the coffee after seeing they had five senses beans, however the coffee really wasn’t brewed with care. It was so disappointing that we won’t waste anymore time on it.


The food arrived fairly promptly, as you would expect for how quiet the cafe was when we arrived.


Our first dish to arrive was the Mexican eggs, the dish was $19 and as the diner was a growing boy we also paid extra for bacon. That being considered this dish, with eggs, toast, extra bacon and a salsa was not the size we expected for the price. All the elements were nice, and it was enjoyable meal though the salsa was a bit heavy with lime. We wouldn’t go so far to say it was anything above an average dish.


Our next dish, the eggs benedict, was a wonderful example of the classic breakfast. The eggs were well poached and smothered in a beautiful creamy sauce. There was plenty of food on the plate and the ham was full of flavour. This wasn’t the best eggs benedict we’ve had, but it was certainly tasty.

Overall we’d say that Feast is a decent cafe, but not somewhere we’d visit again in a hurry, and we would suggest you don’t go out of your way for it. That being said it seems like the food in their counter, plenty of healthy and delectable looking options, is what actually makes this cafe great, and their cooked breakfasts are a secondary.

Have you been? What do you think of Feast?

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