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Hobart Deli North Perth


On a relaxed Wednesday morning we made our way over the suburban hub that is Hobart Deli in North Perth. This cute little corner store is opposite a park and there was a stream of mothers and children between the cafe and the park.


The inside of the cafe is that homely, quirky, child friendly sort that is pleasing to mothers and their children and the breakfast loving foodies who always seem to find themselves at places just like this.


We placed our order at the counter and weaved our way through the crowd of people waiting for takeaway coffees back to our corner seats.


Our lattes came out quickly with promising latte art. However we really weren’t impressed by it’s flavour. It just wasn’t good, scorching hot and over extracted, it was nothing more then passable. Such a shame as a good coffee is so important to a good breakfast experience.


As always when there is french toast on offer we have to taste it, and the anticipation was palpable, as it should be when brioche, bacon and salted caramel are on offer. The french toast itself had really great flavour and was nice and thick, brioche is always a good choice for french toast though. The banana was perfectly ripe and the bacon was crispy and flavourful. However there was very little salted caramel sauce, really so little that there was only a couple of mouthfuls of french toast with any sauce at all. It was a bit of a shame because when you’re promised something so indulgent, you really want it to be over the top delicious and two mouthfuls just doesn’t cut it. Overall this was a good dish with flavours that will always compliment each other, to get it to another level it really needs to nail it, or to have a bit more flair and interesting elements.


The breakfast parfait was lovely and a large serve. There was a nice hit of berry and a textural crunch. A good parfait isn’t hard to do well, and like the french toast, probably needed something to turn it from a good dish, into an amazing dish.

The food at Hobart Deli has plenty of promise but lacks a little sophistication, it is however a lovely spot to dine, and especially kid-friendly. We’d suggest you go elsewhere for your coffees though, North Perth has plenty of places in close proximity like Addison and Steele where you’ll find a knockout brew!

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