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Mrs S Revisit


Its hard not to love Mrs S, their charming cafe and vintage inspired decor just give off good vibes, and their food, well that’s just something else again. We haven’t been here for some time and it was about time we headed back over for a revisit.


As always the coffee here was great. It just has so much flavour, was a good strength, smooth and creamy. A wonderful morning brew.


Mrs S’s style favours dishes like this lovely cardamom rice pudding, because it’s a mix of delicate and nuanced flavours with the potential for artistic presentation just like this. There is a lovely combination of flavours and textures with the pudding, black sesame crisp, dates, nuts and coconut. There’s a subtle sweetness to the dish, and its light but filling. We were really impressed with the rice pudding, it was the heart of the dish and it wasn’t gluggy or overly firm as rice puddings can so often be. The crunch of the sesame crisp was perfect to top off a fabulous and unique breakfast.


Our next dish was smoked ham hock and potato hash. It was a lovely meaty dish, and the chorizo and smoked ham hock went really well together as well as tasting great individually. The potato hash, cauliflower and poached egg all combined to create a delicious mix of flavours and textures and was perfectly seasoned, a rare thing. We would have liked the hash to be a bit more crispy, and couldn’t help but compare with the Cantina 663 beef cheek and hash we had recently.

Mrs S really do deliver a memorable, and absolutely delicious breakfast. Their food is full of flavour and so pretty you almost don’t want to eat it. Be sure to pop in, even if its just for coffee and baked goods!

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  1. Hello rice pudding!! That looks delicious :D. I had the ham hock a month of so ago and loved it… Mrs S is always a winner. Great review! 🙂 x

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