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The Cabin Small Bar


The Cabin is a sight for sore eyes on a cold winters night. It invites you in with the promise of warmth, comfort and tantalising food and drink.


The decor certainly fits the mood, it’s warm and homely, just like you were entering a lodge in a snow capped mountain. The fact that you have to climb stairs to get there may or may not have influenced this opinion. Epicness of the journey to its front door aside, the atmosphere was buzzing with a mix of drinkers and diners alike.

The menu is very tapas, and we selected a whole bunch of things to sample. Aside from a brief period where something caused a hold up in the kitchen for around 10 minutes there was a steady stream of things from kitchen heading our way.


The first dish was the wings. They were sweet and a touch sticky, well cooked and easy to eat, just yum!


Our next dish was a Brussel sprout salad, served with an egg on top. As one of those rare people who love Brussel sprouts I had to argue this one to the wire to sample it. Luckily the table loved it. This was effectively the Brussel sprout version of Caesar salad, with a nice hit of Parmesan and bit of crunch to the Brussel sprout.


We also tried the tartare nachos. It was light and delicious, the textures and flavour you’d hope for in your delectably raw meat.


The prawn fondue was interesting, it has nice flavours but was hard to eat and not a standout.


So too the salt and pepper squid, a good but not particularly memorable dish.

Now the course we were waiting for, dessert! The cabin know something that many tapas places don’t, dessert is not for sharing. We may be able to share all the small plates of wings in the world, but we get territorial about our sweets.


We tried the olive oil citrus cake served with toasted marshmallow, mandarin, lime and custard. This wasn’t a particularly exciting or flavourful dish and we weren’t particularly impressed.


Finally we tried the ‘Snickers in a cup’ and yes, the name was accurate. It was beautifully creamy with a layer of caramel, chocolate and a mousse with a crunchy praline top. A delicious combination both as a chocolate bar, and in a glass.

The Cabin is a warm and wonderful venue, and especially perfect for the cold winter nights ahead. With so many choices on the menu there’s plenty for us to come back for!

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