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Taste and Graze, Mandurah


On a lazy Sunday morning we headed with locals and tourists alike to Taste and Graze on the Mandurah foreshore.

The cafe has a relaxed feel to it, with plenty of seating outside to make the most of the water views. However we chose a table inside, and away from the hustle and bustle of the counter.


The layout of Taste and Graze is unusual because the inside is practically split into two with a wall in the middle with walkway near the counter. The staff were friendly and quick to greet us but orders need to be placed at the counter and if you want water you’ll have to grab it yourself.



We found the prices to be reasonable, a couple of coffees and two meals will set you back a little over $40. This is pretty on par with average Perth prices at the moment.

Our drinks came out quickly after ordering, and by this stage the cafe was beginning to hum with activity.


Our English breakfast tea was beautifully presented.


Our usual lattes arrived at a good drinking temperature but probably a touch over extracted. It was on par with the average coffee you’ll find in Perth.


Taste & Graze offer a choice of either banana or bacon french toast with maple syrup, and it being a weekend and me being on holiday, I went with the bacon. The best part of the dish was the french toast itself, the serving was generous, the outside had a crispness to it and was nicely sweet. Bacon and maple syrup are tried and tested flavours that just work together, they tasted great but more maple syrup would have been handy to soak up with the toast.


Ah the breakfast fry up, who doesn’t love it? Its easy to forget how nice a simple fry up can be. It was simple, but the flavours were nice and aside from there being only be one sausage, the dish was generous. A dish where you get exactly what you expect, meat, eggs, toast.


We also went with a healthy option, quinoa and chia bread with spinach, tomato and egg, to which we added a side of bacon. The bread was certainly healthy but also dense and quite moist. Totally different to bread and we ended up soaking it in butter, which probably ruined its health benefits. All the other elements were standard, albeit more green then the rest of the table, and the eggs were well poached.

If you’re looking to enjoy the Mandurah foreshore and a have a relaxed breakfast, you’ll find Taste & Graze the perfect combination. Plus you’re close to all the wonderful things the foreshore has to offer, we’d recommend a visit to the English lolly shop up the strip!

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