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Little Willys: Coffee, Food, Polite Conversation


Little Willy’s is a cute little cafe that’s popped up on William St in Northbridge. They promise coffee, food and polite conversation, and if our experience is anything to go by their promises won’t go unfulfilled.

Before you go make sure to get some cash on hand to place your order at the counter. Don’t worry though, we didn’t have any either and they were really lovely about it, letting us place our order and make our way to a nearby ATM at a leisurely pace.


The decor at Little Willy’s is just so Northbridge. Its a small place but it’s decked out with great art and furnishings.


Despite having our pick of the inside tables we decided to sit outside for a chilled Sunday brunch.

The coffees and food arrived promptly and with a smile.


They had a nice flavour and a creamy foam though were a touch hot, as the trend seems to be of late.


Our first meal was the breakfast burrito at $16.50. Burritos are really something that is hard to get wrong, so it’s usually more about the flavour you manage to get out of it. It could have had a touch more sauce, but the sweetness of corn came through and were nice with a combination of mushroom, bacon and egg. It was finished with a good crispness to it, just how we like it.


Next up came the breakfast bagel, a cheap option at $12.50. The best part of the bagel was the tomato relish, it just had so much flavour and I could envisage myself eating it by the spoonful. It had nice thick cut bacon, and fried egg with a gooey yolk, just how I like it. The bagel was nicely toasted topped with sesame and garlic. This was just a delicious and satisfying breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning.

Little Willy’s gave us what they promised and more, good food, good coffee and not just polite, but friendly and efficient service. Thumbs up from us, if you’re after a relaxed, cheap and intimate meal you’ll find it here!

P.S. Remember cash!

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