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Baby Mammoth – Big Food


Baby Mammoth is one of the hottest bars and food joints in Perth at the moment. Their style of food is loosely described as soul food, featuring lots of meaty, South African inspired dishes. When we visited Little Willy’s recently we noticed that Baby Mammoth had just started doing breakfasts and it wasn’t long before we headed back to give it a try.


The decor was very interesting, very Northbridge, a mix of daytime edge, and nighttime cool.


The staff were friendly and happy to chat to us about the food and drink and their visions for their restaurant. We were served, and everything we ordered came out quite fast but to be fair we seemed to be the only ones there. I guess that’s what happens when you get there before the kitchen even opens!


We were rather impressed with our coffees here, especially considering the barista seemed inexperienced and there was no attempt at latte art. It had a nice flavour and a good strength.


Our first dish was definitely a homage to all things South African crossed with a traditional big breakfast. The traditional elements like bacon, eggs and mushrooms were done well, though the egg could have had a touch longer frying. The sausage had a really great flavour, was well cooked and bursting with flavour, just like a good South African sausage should. The chakalaka was a wonderful spiced veggie mix with a bit of a kick of spice. The pap hash is a traditional South African starch element. It has an interesting flavour but the texture was a bit off putting, kind of like a heavily processed mcnugget. Altogether though the dish worked really well, and had lots of yummy flavours, it’s well worth trying for a change from the usual breakfast fare.


Ah joy! They had french toast, not just any french toast, stuffed french toast with strawberry and chocolate and cream cheese. French toast isn’t usually classed as soul food, but if it is good for my soul, and it is, who cares? Baby Mammoth’s toast was well cooked and generously stuffed so the filling got all yummy and melty. The chocolate was rich and interesting, no fake chocolate syrup here! There was a delightful crunch to the crust, and the strawberries, ice cream and honey are flavours that always work well together. This was an enjoyable french toast, using familiar flavours, though being stuffed gives it a point of difference.

We hope to be back in the near future for their drool worthy dinner menu!

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  1. Yum – that French toast looks glorious! I’m not usually game for sweet things for breakfast but that one looks like a rule-breaker πŸ™‚

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