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Middle Eastern Dining at Boucla, Subiaco


You’ll find Boucla at the far end of Rokeby Road in Subiaco. Entering the cafe you feel like you’re wandering into another world. It’s crowded, noisy and colourful. A blur of middle eastern furnishings, mosaics and wood, and a shock to the system.


The cafe seems to be busy, always busy. It was full, with people shoulder to shoulder, and those waiting for takeaway coffees milling around the counter and outside.

We had to make our way back to the counter to read the menu on the board behind, and then fight our way back again to place our order.



The barista seemed to be completely overwhelmed, with lots of orders piling up despite it being a leisurely weekday morning.


It wasn’t surprising that our coffee wasn’t great. It arrived too hot with no attempt at latte art. The flavour was nice with a hint of honey detectable, but as a whole the coffee was merely average.


Our first dish was Greek beans on toast, and we ordered bacon and eggs on the side as we were worried about the size of the serving (especially as it was only $10). We really shouldn’t have worried, it came with a heaped serving of big beans, nothing resembling something you’d find in a can. The beans were largely flavoured with fennel and tomato which was a little overpowering initially but you did get used to. The beans had a nice firmness but the eggs were hard poached and not particularly enjoyable. Overall this was an okay dish, and very filling, we definitively didn’t need to add both eggs and bacon.


Our next dish was a BLT. It was nothing exciting or interesting besides having it as a breakfast meal, but it was solid with nice flavours, especially the bacon.

Boucla offers a bit of a niche dining experience, you either love or hate the venue and its mish mash of decor and constant crowding. There was nothing particularly memorable about the food or coffee and while it was a nice experience, we found it a bit too uncomfortable, it’s just not somewhere we’d rush back to.

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