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Dux Como


Dux is nearby and so on a lazy Saturday morning we headed over to check it out. Inside filled with shades of blue and cozy, appealing furniture with a wide bar in front of the kitchen.

It was surprisingly quiet, but many of tables were already reserved. We were seated and served quickly, and started with drinks.


Our tea arrived, surprising us by being in a plunger. It was a lovely English breakfast.


Our latte came in a large glass with a good micro foam on top. It was a decent coffee and temperature, though perhaps a little over extracted. As a coffee lover I could go for a smaller glass and better flavour.

We ended up waiting a long time for our meals, despite there being so few people at the restaurant. Wait times of half an hour is extreme when you only have three couples seated, one of whom is already eating. We were getting more and more disgruntled as we waited, and were sure we wouldn’t enjoy the meals once they arrived.

The meals seemed small for the price we paid, over $40 for both, and we were ready to begrudge that too. However when they finally showed up, and we got a taste, we couldn’t stay frustrated for long.

Our big breakfast was partly eaten by a hungry male, unused to waiting for a photo to be taken:


His conclusion, mouth still full of food, was that everything was good. The sausages were juicy and meaty, the bacon smoky, bread great, and the potato cake? Well was amazing, soft with a hint of garlic in the middle, and a crispy outside. He was decidedly cranky with hunger and determined to dislike it, so that ‘good’ meant a lot.

The pancakes, with a strawberry salsa, bacon and maple syrup.


There were only two pancakes, sizeable ones, but the plate initially looked a little sparse. The pancakes however were nice and fluffy, topped with plenty of crispy, yet succulent bacon. Both were dribbled with maple syrup, which seemed sufficient in quantity initially, but it soon became obvious that it was far too quickly being soaked up by the pancakes. The strawberry salsa was an interesting addition to the dish, it was surprisingly quite tart and didn’t necessarily work with the sweet and salty combination the pancakes and bacon already had going. It wasn’t unwelcome, just maybe unnecessary.

Overall, for over $50 for two meals and two drinks we expected more. It did turn out to be quite a good feed and we could tell it was quality ingredients, but even so the wait time was a bit excessive. With fantastic and cheaper breakfasts nearby, like Ley St, Gusto Foods, and Halo Espresso, we’re not sure we’d return.

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