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The ‘Pear’fect Pantry


On a mid week breakfast urge we decided to check out the ‘Pear’fect Pantry in Wembley. Their Instagram page always seems to have such yummy food, and it’s been on our list for quite some time.

The thing is, we weren’t quite prepared for how much of a ‘hidden’ gem the cafe would prove to be. The cafe is nestled between apartment buildings, you’ll be able to see signs for it on the road, but will need to pass it and come around the back to park. A lovely little cafe is last thing you’d expect to find, and providing you don’t find its location too frustrating you’ll walk in with a smile on your face.


If you have even a mild fondness for pears, it is fair to say you’ll feel at home at the ‘Pear’fect pantry. Yellow and green pears are just everywhere you look, the decor is so quirky, it’s just wonderful.


We came for a mid week breakfast, and had the unexpected surprise of a 10% discount. They do have an expanded breakfast menu on weekends, but the wait time is excessive. Its only a small cafe and their location isn’t really suited to the crowds they draw. For us, the mid week is preferential and the discount fantastic, but as students we have the liberty to do that where others do not.


As always, we started with a couple of lattes. Unfortunately we really weren’t impressed by the coffee here. It was incredibly hot, and the flavour was average.



Our first dish was the eggs benedict, one of our breakfast favourites. The best part of the dish was the light and creamy hollandaise. There was plenty of food on the plate, and it was served on multigrain bread, a nice change from the usual white bread in cafés. The eggs were well poached and the bacon had a nice flavour though was a touch fatty. Overall this was an enjoyable breakfast dish and well executed.


Our next dish was avocado on toast with almond dukkah, beetroot relish, poached eggs and marinated feta. This was a wonderful combination of flavours, and our only criticism would be that there was slightly too much balsamic on the greens as it can be a little overpowering. The feta and beetroot were nice touches and the well cooked eggs added to the texture of the dish. This was another example in a growing trend of really interesting Dukkah dishes. Thumbs up from us!

This is one of the very few actually unique cafes we’ve visited, cultivating a hipster-esque vibe is the mainstream now, while this unique little venue has done it’s own thing entirely. Surely what those ‘hipster’ cafes are really going for? This cafe is worth the visit, but do so prepared to be frustrated finding it, and for a potentially very long wait come the weekend.

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