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Architects and Hereos: Specialty Coffee, Specialty Breakfast

Our new favourite coffee joint in Subiaco has just starting playing around with a breakfast menu, and it was no surprise that we did not delay in heading over there to check it out.

We’ve been back for coffee a couple of times since our last visit, but we still hadn’t had the chance to sit down and give their filter coffee a go. This time we made sure to make the most of our visit with a try of the steampunk.


Oh yes. This baby is the only one of its kind in Australia and brings a whole new precision to filter coffee. It gives the barista the control to make the coffee exactly how they want it. Practically this means coffee with more of the flavour they want to bring out – which will depend on the qualities of the bean they use, and a coffee that really showcases the wonders of a good black coffee.


We also went for a white coffee, creamy, delicious and just what we expected from them.


Next up the much anticipated new menu. It’s still a little limited and in a settling in phase, but everything on there was appetising. We’d seen some great Instagram snaps, especially of their brioche french toast. Yep, Architects and Heroes have amazing coffee AND french toast. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!


The brioche french toast came with a wonderful mix of elements. There was apple and rhubarb, both soft with nice sweet flavours. A thick and creamy vanilla labne, with a divine flavour to it. My favourite element however was a honeycomb parfait, it was creamy with a bit of bite and crunch, a lovely compliment to the rest of the dish. The toast itself had a flaky crust that only brioche could, it was slightly soggy though had a nice level of sweetness. It was a very nuanced dish, well presented. We could only say that for the price we would have expected a slightly larger serving.


Our next dish was kransky, caramelised onion and eggs. From the beginning there were a few teething problems, the eggs we asked for poached arrived scrambled, though we were hungry and ate them anyway. All the elements looked great on the plate, but were arranged in such a way that made them hard to get a mouthful with everything in it. The kransky was lovely and moist, and all the flavours on the plate were enjoyable. This dish really needed something to pull it all together, and while it had some nuance and flair to it there were still some things to be refined. That being said we will always take an interesting dish over an ordinary, and this dish has great promise.

Architects and Heroes will be a place to watch for their food and we can’t wait to see what new and exciting dishes they come up with in the future! Oh and their coffee is still amazing…

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try this place and your review has given me that extra encouragement I think! The brioche french toast looks incredible :D!

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