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Santis Nedlands


We visited Santis in Nedlands after seeing some lovely photos on Instagram of their breakfasts. We found it to have a nice atmosphere when we arrived, it was open and bright, it just felt cheerful. If you’ve seen me in the morning, cheerful isn’t usually the word you’d describe me as, so this is quite a compliment.


The inside of the cafe was pale blues and white, with wonderful lamp shades and framed pictures on the wall.


There was a big board of specials next to the counter with the barista on the other side. We initially thought the barista was overwhelmed with dine in orders, but soon realized that’s just how they set up with plates and spoons ready to go.

We ordered and the counter, and the person who took our order was fantastic, she was so happy and friendly, her passion for what she was doing was obvious, just what you want to see!


The coffee was served pretty quickly. It was okay, nothing outstanding but a good temperature.


Next came the peanut, banana and caramel pancakes straight off the specials board. The flavours were amazing, the caramel was just delicious, the bananas smooth and the praline had a great crunch. The thing that let the whole dish down was the pancakes themselves. They were thin, a little dry, there was none of the light fluffiness that you hope for. With the cream and caramel, this isn’t something you notice, but as the base of the dish it is actually really important. It doesn’t help that we recently had some amazing pancakes to compare it to.

Our second meal, the eggs bene, also came off the specials board.


It’s arrival wasn’t as drooled over as the pancakes and we couldn’t help but think $18 was expensive for the size of the serve. The hollandaise was nice and creamy, and the ham and spinach were good. There was something with just too much salt in it though and it really threw the dish off. The toast too was solid, difficult to cut, a common thing and something that’s becoming a pet peeve of ours.

The poached eggs however were great. There’s nothing like an eggy ooze to make it really feel like breakfast. It’s a shame the rest of it didn’t come together, we won’t be ordering this dish again unfortunately.


We found Santis to a good place for breakfast and their staff in particular were great. The food however isn’t up to the standard they aspire, its good food, but it isn’t fantastic. It’s a shame because executed well, something like the caramel pancakes could have been outstanding. For the price you pay you expect better then average. If you go, temper your expectations.

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