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Harvest Espresso: 2014 Winter menu

Harvest Espresso is the one of the few cafés where a change of menu makes us anxious, nay desperate to taste it at the first possible opportunity. With such amazing dishes on their summer and autumn menus, our expectations were high.

We made our way over there on an early Wednesday morning, a brief interlude to the unfortunate realities of being a student at this time of year. The tiny cafe was bustling with activity and wonderful smells and a welcoming warmth greeted us as we opened the door.

The chilly weather outside required hot beverages ASAP, and after taking in the menu, we ordered our usual lattes and much anticipated meals at the counter.


Our coffee was nice, a touch over extracted but a good temperature with no attempt at latte art. It did the job of warming us from the inside out, and defrosting our chilled fingers.


Our first dish to the table was winter vegetables. We always like the chance to taste a good vegetarian option, and this fit the bill. The walnut pesto at the bottom of the plate was aromatic; it really brought out the flavour of the vegetables, though was a touch oily. There was a good mix of different veggies, but the beetroot and zucchini were standouts. The dish came with slow cooked eggs, with a gooey goodness you can only get from a slow poach. Overall this was an inspired dish, but could have done with a little more veggies and a little less pesto.



What you’ve all been waiting for though, is the banana and peanut butter brioche, coated in chocolate. Don’t lie, I can tell you’re drooling all over your keyboard right now. Well, I can safely say it is amazing. Peanut butter, banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and they were balanced to perfection in this dish. No flavour overpowered any other and the brioche was the perfect vessel, soft, a bit flaky, crisp melt in your mouth crust. As always, Harvest have really outdone themselves with this one!


We couldn’t resist a takeaway coffee when we left. Harvest Espresso have absolutely beautiful bio cups from the bio cup art series and today’s was particularly impressive. The coffee wasn’t bad either! Be sure to head over to Instagram where you’ll find more great #biocupartseries pictures.

Harvest Espresso are quick be coming one of the best breakfast venues in Perth and we cannot encourage you enough to go and try their new menu for yourself!

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