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Stimulatte Revisit

Stimulatte, was one of the earlier places we visited in our blogging journey and it was fantastic to do a revisit and look back at how far we’ve come. Stimulatte was as we remembered, cozy inside and nice outside tables. Plus we solved the mystery of where one of our favourite baristas from Cafe Vinyl disappeared to, no wonder the coffee is so good here!


Stimulatte do a great coffee, it’s no surprise the line for takeaways usual fills their small store, spilling onto the street outside. On this occasion, as previously the coffee was fantastic, nice and strong and a solid temperature, with unique latte art.


We also ordered a berry smoothie, in our favourite mason jars. At only $7.50 for a huge serve, it was great value. It was a lovely smoothie, a mix of sweet and tart that just hit the spot.


Our savoury meal was a Mexican inspired dish, of black beans with coriander, corn, tomato salsa and a poached egg. The flavour was impeccable, beautifully rich tomato and a hint of spice. The bread was nice and soft and the egg well cooked though it felt a little superfluous.


We also tried the superfood museli. A power packed breakfast with all the good stuff, flax, chia, goji, oats and raw honey. It was topped with natural yogurt and milk into a little jug to mix in. The fresh fruit and museli itself was a solid mix but it lacking something to pull it all together. We a also needed more milk and yogurt as the oats sucked up all the moisture and it became quite dry, especially towards the end. All in all, a good healthy breakfast choice.

Good food, great coffee, this is what makes us happy, and this is where you’ll find it!

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