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The Precinct: Sophisticated Dining in Vic Park


Walking into the Precinct is almost like walking into an art gallery off the street in some far flung, fashionable city. You’ll seek sleek and manicured black, combined with art of the walls and a very purposeful leaking through of the old red brick wall underneath.

This cafe in Vic Park is big and open, with plenty of staff around. It opens to the bar and you can glimpse into the kitchen out the back.

We started with a smoothie to share and a couple of lattes. Our order was taken quickly and arrived in a timely manner, always a good sign.


Our Banana Smoothie was lovely. A pure banana, cinnamon and yogurt with a great thickness, though a touch icey.


Our coffees were the first in a while that haven’t been too hot. They had a smooth texture and great flavour. We were quite impressed.



Our first meal to arrive was the pea and corn potato cakes. This dish was just amazing, we could have just kept eating and eating. There wasn’t that much pea or corn flavour, but the bacon had a lovely smokiness that just worked with the creamy potato cake. The tomato relish and herbed yogurt were excellent accompaniments. This was one of the best breakfast dishes we’ve had in recent memory.


Our second meal was a goats cheese panna cotta with poached pear, passion fruit and an almond granola with homemade peanut butter. This dish was a delectable combination of tart, sweet and nutty. The panna cotta was creamy and tasty but not well presented, just one of the risks you take when serving it open. The granola bar was the best part of the meal, it was soft and chewy and the peanut paste was just divine. All together with the fruit it was a tasty and balanced dish.

The Precinct is not your average breakfast. It’s sophisticated food, with nuanced flavours, a great atmosphere and efficient service. If you like fine dining and breakfast, this is the restaurant for you!

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