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Chapter 88 by Ciao Italia, Nedlands

20140430-180312.jpg 20140430-180258.jpg

We are some of those people lucky enough to live near Ciao Italia, everyone’s favourite Italian venue, and when we heard they had a new venue that served breakfast we were over the moon! Welcome to Chapter 88 by Ciao Italia, you’ll find it in the student hub at Broadway Fair Shopping centre. The cafe is appealing, large and open. We came hoping for what we always get at Ciao Italia, great food, at a great price, for a large serve. Like many others, were were curious about what they’d do with a different kind of cuisine, wanted to see what their breakfasts, their coffee would be like. 20140430-180328.jpg

The staff were quick to greet us and the service was efficient. We were quickly seated and our orders taken. They were also happy for us to pay before our meal, and as we had somewhere to be after breakfast we appreciated their speed and efficiency. It wasn’t long before our meals and coffees arrived, and it was obvious it was a very well run kitchen and service, especially considering how long they’ve been open. A big tick from us. 20140430-180319.jpg

Our coffee arrived fast but wasn’t great. It was a bit burnt and hot, and no attempt was made at anything resembling latte art. 20140430-180340.jpg

The desserts at Ciao Italia have always been drool-worthy, they’re so good that they made you desperate to have them. Otherwise sane individuals, despite being full of pizza and pasta, will find themselves ordering the strawberry tart, or perhaps the tiramisu, and totally unprepared when a mountainous dish makes its way to your table. Keeping this in mind was it really surprising that both of us chose sweet breakfasts?

The first dish was effectively a french toast (though it wasn’t called that for some reason) served with berry coulis, maple syrup and sweetened ricotta, garnished with toffee bits. The dish was one thing we expected, a generous serving size, of the toast itself, the maple syrup pooling underneath it and the toppings. We loved that we were able to serve the ricotta and coulis ourself, and it allowed us to balance the punch of the coulis with sweeter, lighter flavours. A greater serve of ricotta compared to the amount of coulis would have been helpful too. The toast itself and the pops of toffee that came with it were delightful. This was all round a tasty dish, and excellent value. 20140504-143448.jpg

We also tried the banana bread, a delicious pile of butterscotch, banana and ice cream on top. The toppings were all fantastic, and the banana bread itself was good but a little dry so the butterscotch sauce became necessary. The ice cream added a nice cold contrast and a nice vanilla sweetness. It was another wonderful sweet dish that will have you drooling as it makes its way to your table! Chapter 88 impressed us with it’s quick and efficient service, good food and price.If you’re a fan of the original, and even if you’re not, you will love Chapter 88!

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