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Piccolo’s Corner: Leederville


As soon as we walked in we knew we loved this cafe, it was just so quirky, but so homely at the same time. Whoever recommended it, thank you thank you thank you!


The decor is eclectic and vibrant, plenty of bright colours and designs. We sat by a window near the door, a view of the quiet suburban street and the people coming and going from the cafe.

We ordered our usual lattes and they arrived promptly. They were large for a dine in size, and came in adorable cups. The coffee was too hot, but it had a nice flavour and creamy milk, if we lived on the street we would get our coffee from there for sure!


The menu was full of interesting breakfast choices. Being rather fond of beetroot we went for the beetroot pesto and goats curd dish. It was a divine mix of salty, creamy, goodness. With two eggs poached to perfection and the mix of tangy pesto and creamy and salty goats curd, just yum! The curd became a bit overpowering towards the end when all the pesto and egg yolk was gone, but nevertheless I ate on, unwilling to waste a bite of the divine fresh bread and creamy curd.


We also tried the pumpkin and pesto smash and were equally impressed. A real sweetness comes through the dish and the serving was huge and oh so satisfying.


Both our dishes were vegetarian but in no way did we feel we were missing out. The food on offer is different from the usual fare we see around and it was a real treat to have breakfast at Piccolo’s Corner, both for the meals and the atmosphere.

We’re sure you’ll love Piccolo’s Corner as much as we did!

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