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No 4 Blake Street: The Revisit


No 4 Blake Street is a big name in the Perth food scene, and it was about time we gave their breakfast a revisit.


We started with lattes. The coffee was a little too hot, but had a good strong flavour to it with creamy milk. Of the two of them one had a good level of foam, the other a bit too much.


Our first meal was the honey glazed plum, with ricotta, pancetta and toasted sourdough. Its so refreshing to see a breakfast with plum as the star, it’s such a wonderful stone fruit and it was ripe and fresh from the Swan Valley on this occasion. The dish itself looked pretty as a picture with a knockout flavour, a delightful mix of salty and sweet. The pancetta was crisp and the ricotta creamy, fantastic salty elements.

Our favourite part of the dish was the rich Wescobee honey, it brought the whole thing together. The salty, buttered sourdough was made to mop up the honey, with a satisfying crunch as you bite down. Ah, just divine! Despite the strong flavours, this was still a light meal that left you feeling satisfied.


The second meal we tried was the Belgium waffle with a chocolate parfait, honey and Passionfruit. The dish was subtle and nuanced without the parfait, but the chocolate flavour tended to steamroll over the top. The waffles were well cooked, and the cream and honey nice accompaniments, while the Passionfruit coulis was a bit lost in the end.

No 4 Blake Street still impresses, with great produce, and an ever interesting menu. Its a must visit restaurant for any self-respecting foodie!

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