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Cantina 663: The Revisit

Cantina 663 is one of our favourite breakfast cafes (we’re particularly fond of their hotcakes) and every time we go they seem to have more delicious things to enjoy.


Cantina always have great coffee, creamy and full of flavour. They’re one of the few places who’ve passed the two coffee test, a measure of consistency in coffee we use to separate the good from the very good. On this occasion it could only be faulted by its too hot temperature.


Our first dish was a Bircher museli. It arrived heaped onto the plate, adorned with a light strawberry purée making it irresistible to the eye. The museli was fantastic, it was creamy and moist, filled with lots of different textures that crunch and pop in your mouth, like grated apple and puffs of wheat. It was a fantastic meal, so filling and so healthy, with something interesting and flavoursome in every bite.


We also tried the roast beef cheek and hash, with home made barbecue sauce. The meat was to die for, it just melted in your mouth, while the hash was perfectly crisp. The barbecue sauce pulled the dish together, though could’ve had a bit more punch to it.

Yep, Cantina still has it, and we will most certainly be back!

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