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Harvest Espresso: Autumn Menu


Harvest Espresso is one of our favourite little cafes for breakfast and when they have a new menu out we can’t help ourselves but head over there to try it out!


The cafe, though small is homely and comfortable, and always adorned with beautiful flowers on the tables.


Harvest generally do a solid coffee, but we were a little disappointed on this occasion. Our lattes had a lovely flavour but were a bit hot, with not enough micro foam.

We ordered a sweet and savoury dish from the Autumn menu to try. The air was pregnant with anticipation as our dishes were placed on the table in front of us. We were not disappointed!


Our sweet dish was the mango and coconut bread, which came with fruit coulis, ginger cream, pistachio, fresh fruit and a sweet pastry layer. For a start the bread was so vibrant, a lovely bright orange and beautifully soft, perfect to soak up the coulis. The ginger cream added a faint hint of spice, and there was a definite sense of satisfaction when the spoon cracked through the pastry. Each bite was an explosion of flavour, fresh fruit, delicious cream, the light bread and the crunch of pistachio, absolutely divine. On top of all that, it looked like a work of art on the plate, just like you’d expect from the place that gave us the fabled baked almond brioche!



The bubble and squeak is another newbie on the Harvest menu, it consisted of potato hash, a pumpkin purée, poached eggs and a selection of vegetables. It was topped with a nest of sweet potato, light and crisp. The eggs were poached to perfection, yolk running down the side of the potato cake. As a new take on an old favourite, the dish was well balanced and interesting to the eye and the mouth.

Our favourite little cafe and a brand spanking new menu? Bliss!

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  1. deborah foster gaitskell says

    Fabulous photos and tantalising descriptions as usual, Thank you

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