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Cheap Eats: Smuggled Seeds Espresso Leederville


Just a bit further along Oxford st then the usual coffee shops, like Foam, Duende, Sayers and Greens & co, you’ll find Smuggled Seeds Espresso, a quaint espresso bar with a limited breakfast menu.


We are the kinds of people who love good coffee, and will go out of our way to seek it, having ‘espresso’ in your name and adorning the walls with coffee love is always heartening. While we do eat at cafés with mediocre coffee for the sake of a great meal, good coffee is important to us, and the fact that Smuggled Seeds actually has it is music to our ears. They use a 5 senses seasonal blend, and we weren’t there long before we overheard the barista passionately discussing the coffee, making us two very happy diners. Our coffee was great, good temperature, smooth and creamy, with a nuanced flavour, just divine and just as we had hoped.


One of the things that struck us about this cafe’s menu was that though it was quite limited, they managed to pack in lots of interesting things. Even better, it was incredibly cheap. A good example was our first dish, guacamole on toast. We added a poached egg (for a single, measly dollar) and bacon (for only $3), many cafés will easily charge double that, and $3 for a single egg isn’t unheard of. The ease and cheapness of these options allow you to build a yummy dish the way you like, and we appreciated it.

Unfortunately the dish arrived with the yolk having popped on the way to our table. Without us asking, the waitress arrived back with another and sincere apologies, an example of great service if we have ever seen it. Just look at how perfect that slow poached egg is too –

We really enjoyed this dish, we had never thought to put guacamole on toast, and for lovers of Mexican food it was a bit of a revelation. The guacamole was just fantastic too, with the addition of capsicum it was a touch above the ordinary. The bacon was crispy, salty, and delicious. the whole dish together? Just fabulous!



Our next dish, at $8.50, was just fantastic. A beautiful house made museli, with milk, yogurt, coulis and fruit. The serve was large and filling, each bite was a discovery, a pop of grape or blueberry, a crunch of oats, nuts, or even a crunchy nut cluster (definitely one of the more ingenious things I’ve found in my museli over the years!). I usually find both milk and yogurt to be unnecessary with museli but this time it added moisture to the dish without overwhelming, and still allowing the creamy yogurt and coulis to be appreciated. This museli has so much going for it, I doubt I can tire of it anytime soon, and we still can’t get over how cheap it was!

We absolutely loved Smuggled Seeds and couldn’t fault a single aspect of our experience. We will be back!

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