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Sapore Espresso Belmont



Sapore Espresso in Belmont has been somewhere we’ve been meaning to visit for quite some time but had never got around to. When we found out that they did three (yes THREE) different French toast options we finally said enough is enough and headed over there.

The cafe is in Belmont, near the cinemas and the forum. It’s large, with lovely open windows and a welcoming atmosphere. We arrived at opening time on a Sunday and were the first ones there, but by 8.30 the cafe was bustling with activity.

We sat near the window and contemplated our order before going up to the counter to place it and pay. The staff were very friendly, especially for so early in the morning on a weekend, and it was obvious they were eager to assist in any way they could.


We were greedy and ordered both a smoothie and coffees. The smoothie had the option of a jar for an extra $1, something we couldn’t pass up. Our banana, cinnamon and honey smoothie arrived fairly quickly, and was beautifully presented with the drizzle of honey down the sides and sprinkle of cinnamon on top. The flavours were lovely, banana and honey are always such a perfect combination. We’d probably prefer a thicker smoothie, but all in all it was an enjoyable drink.


The coffee at Sapore reminded us of those we’ve had at Halo Espresso; not outstanding, but a solidly good brew. It has a richness of flavour to it, with creamy foam but on the borderline of being too hot. There seems to be a trend for hotter temperature coffees going around Perth at the moment. Our second coffees were consistent with the first, and we’re happy to give Sapore the second coffee test tick of approval.


And now what we’ve all been waiting for, the French toast! I ordered the spiced pear, honey, almond and mascarpone option. It looked a treat when it arrived at the table but had vanilla ice cream and no mascarpone. I asked the waitress about it, she was exceedingly apologetic, explaining that the chef had meant to come out and let us know but they had to make the replacement. I wasn’t too worried, I had been looking forward to the mascarpone, but the explanation was sufficient. However, unprompted we were then offered free coffees which came out in a couple of minutes, no mean feat considering that the cafe was now packed. I have to say it’s great when a cafe goes above and beyond to make the experience better, especially when the initial occurrence was so minor.

So now we’ve got that example of good customer service out of the way, let’s talk about the toast! The toast itself was nice and thick and well cooked, it retained the lightness in the middle with a crispy outside. One of the slices were a touch eggy, but the other was perfect. The toppings really complemented each other, the crunch of almond and sweetness of maple syrup with the poached pair were fantastic. The pear was quite spiced if eaten alone, but balanced by the vanilla ice cream. The dish as a whole was beautifully presented, and one of the better french toasts we’ve had in Perth.



The berry crumble we ordered arrived a bit after the French toast and was similarly beautifully presented. The crumble was really interesting and the berry delightful. The flavours were quite intense, and the spiciness built, becoming a little overwhelming towards the end of the meal. Overall an inspiring dish that would be improved by a less heavy hand with the spices.

We greatly enjoyed our Sapore visit and with such excellent service and great food we’re sure you will too.

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