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Coffee Q&A with the Perth Coffee Project

I was lucky enough to be the Perth Coffee Projects first featured coffee drinker!

The Perth.Coffee.Project. is a great, informative page on everything coffee in Perth like where to get it and how to make it. Be sure to check it out!


This week {perth·coffee·project} launches a new feature which examines the most important factor in Perth’s specialty coffee scene: you. We chat to every-day-coffee-drinkers about their love of coffee and reveal their deepest, darkest caffeinated secrets.

First up is Zahra of frenchtoastandindiepop, a local food blogger who loves a good coffee. 

Hey Zahra, can you remember your first coffee? Tell us a story!

On one of my first few days at university, I was intrigued by this amazing drink that keeps you up at night. I ventured to try this ‘coffee’ for myself. I chose the university food hall (not a smart move) and ordered a flat white in nervous anticipation.

The first sip burnt my tongue and the only thing I could taste was an overwhelming bitterness. I proceeded to empty about three sugar sachets into the darkness before trying again. It was now both horribly bitter and sickeningly sweet. “Isn’t it supposed to taste good?!” I…

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