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Gooseberries in Suburbia


In a quiet location opposite Kensington Primary school you’ll find Gooseberries Cafe. It’s recently had a revamp with new owners and a new look. Its inside is a mix of edgy wood, and clean surfaces, with colourful art adorning the walls of what must have been someone’s home at some stage.


We collected a menu from the counter and found a seat opposite this piece. We found the cafe surprisingly spacious despite its small outer appearance.


After ordering from the friendly staff, our drinks arrived quickly and breakfast soon followed.


First up was an ice coffee, at $6 it was quite expensive, there being no cheaper option to not include the ice cream. We felt that it probably needed an extra shot, but the coffee itself was a nice flavour.


The latte however was good, creamy and strong without being bitter or over extracted. Though temperature wise it was a fraction too hot for our liking.


We ordered Arby’s pancakes, and added home made blueberry coulis for an extra $3. The pancakes were amazing, big and fluffy with a touch crispy on the outside, the kind of thing you crave for a naughty weekend breakfast. The maple syrup came in a little jug you could serve yourself, something we loved. The pancakes are so large, we could have done with a little more syrup or sauce to mop up with. However this was one of the better pancakes we’ve had around both in flavour and execution.


We also ordered the eggs benedict. The bacon was the best part of the dish, super crispy, it just had so much flavour. The hollandaise was good and the eggs poached well. There was plenty of food and between two of us we didn’t manage to finish the whole thing. Its safe to say we left full and happy after it!


We came upon what appeared to be a fabulous kids room on our way out. It was full of colourful things to enjoy and would be sure to keep littlies busy while their parents have a much needed coffee.

Gooseberries is just a great suburban cafe, we walked away wishing we could be so lucky to have a cafe like it in walking distance.

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