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Raw by Chris Chocolate Cups


Could it be? The Raw by Chris chocolate cups that sold out of cafes on their first weekend? Why yes, yes they are!

Lucky for me the lovely Chris hand delivered mine, and don’t they look a treat!

Pecan Praline Crunch


The first cup I tried was the pecan, praline crunch. The name doesn’t lie, the moment you bite down there’s a delightful cracking sound as the hard chocolate shell gives way to gooey raw caramel. The chocolate itself isn’t sweet but the filling more then makes up for it.

This isn’t a fudgey chocolate, like a brownie or chocolate balls. It’s more like dark chocolate, not sweet, just a cocoa hit.

My favourite part of this cup was the crispy bits of praline throughout, a really pleasant texture to the mix. A lovely pick me up when the afternoon slump hits!

Macadamia Vanilla Crunch with Cacao Nibs



Next up, the angelic macadamia vanilla crunch with cacao nibs. This treat definitely felt the most naughty of the three. It was incredibly creamy, melted in your mouth (Mmm cocao butter) and nicely sweet. I’d say it was a more complex flavour then the others, with the vanilla and macadamia mingling with the caramel filling.

I think it may have just been my favourite… Just.

Peppermint Matcha



I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this one. I’ve never been particularly find of mint flavoured things, but I really wanted to give this a go. It was a mellow mint, it wasn’t overpowering, and the taste of the chocolate and a light hint of green tea came through.

I found it refreshing as opposed to the naughtiness of the precious cups. Perhaps more like a palette cleanser then a dessert, but then that is how I tend to see mint.

I recruited extra tasters more accustomed to mint then I (just to be on the safe side). They confirmed my comments, and added that the mint means you don’t realize you’re eating raw food. Yep, mint lovers give this a try! It may just convert you…

All I can say is, wow! I don’t know how Chris keeps coming up with these yummy things, and I’m glad she’s turned her efforts to chocolate for her latest creations. Keep it up!

Find Raw by Chris stockists through her website, be sure to check out talesofakitchen too.

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