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Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop


On Whatley Crescent in Maylands you’ll find this cute little vintage cake shop. They’re always bustling with activity, and we can never resist examining their counter top exploding with yummy things.


Sherbet is the favourite coffee spot of the locals, I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve popped in for a coffee or cupcake and found someone I know ordering coffee. They use Fiori beans and their brew is smooth and creamy, a good temperature with a satisfyingly rich flavour. We have yet to have a bad coffee at Sherbet, fingers crossed it continues.


One of the beauties you’ll often see on their counter are salted caramel tarts. There’s not much better in this life then gooey caramel, crumbly pastry and a touch of salt. The tarts are usually dribbled liberally with dark and white chocolate and which can be a sweetness overload on the first bite. After that you’ll find yourself reaching for more before you’re aware of what you’re doing, the tarts are just so morish.


What Sherbet is most well known for however is their cupcakes. They have a wide selection of flavours which you can also order for parties and events. Their most popular cupcake however is the iconic red velvet, with a generous amount of cream cheese icing. The cupcake is light and fluffy, while the icing is delectably creamy, adorned with a chocolate button. The signature red cake is bright and vibrant with a good chocolate flavour.


Sherbet’s sweets are the epitome of comfort food. Hurting my back, and requiring punishing sessions at the Physio since, has made picking up a cupcake or coffee after a ritual for relief. With a long and slow recovery to come I expect many more treats to be enjoyed. They’ve also expanded their eclair range and we’ve yet to taste their cakes, the likely next targets.

Sherbet is a must visit for anyone with a sweet tooth and is worth the trip to Maylands if you don’t live nearby.

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