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Beyond Beaufort: Lincolns 102



Just off the main Beaufort street strip, though it feels like its in another world, you’ll find Lincolns 102, a quaint cafe full of the eclectic charm Mount Lawley is known for. Colourful cushions, and interesting decor adorn it’s interior and the staff wear vibrant aprons, it’s impossible not be cheerful in the face of such charm.

We started with a coffee, you can’t help but admire the impressive Synesso on the counter and we had high expectations. The coffee arrived fast but was too hot to drink initially. When it was at a more drinkable temperature the flavours were good, the milk creamy with a good level of foam.


Eggs benedict is one of those breakfasts we get on a regular basis, it’s the ‘old reliable’, poached egg, creamy hollandaise, where could it go wrong? This eggs benny was a touch different to the norm, served with bacon and not ham and dispensing with the usual English muffin. The bacon was nice with a hint of crispness and the wilted spinach moist and there was a hearty serve of hollandaise. The Eggs Benedict were very enjoyable, a large and filling serving, with the kind of oozy poached egg any breakfast goer can’t help but drool over!


Our other dish was an avocado smash with pesto, feta and bacon. While it sounded interesting it didn’t quite work out. The avocado seemed to overwhelm much of the flavour, and there was only a single egg. The flavour of the pesto and the salt of the bacon, which would have balanced the avocado didn’t really come through till the end of the dish. Less avocado and more pesto would vastly improve its flavour, it has a lot of potential with proper execution, and the dish was still enjoyed.

If you’re looking for a change from the Beaufort St scene, Lincoln’s 102 is an interesting venue, more on the suburban end of the cafe scene with good coffee and large, hearty meals.

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