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Get Milk’d, Maylands


for the love of the bacon stack

Have you ever had an experience that you can’t wait to revisit, that you enjoy so much that you go back again and again and again? Well this is how we experienced the Milk’d bacon stack at a time where we were only just discovering the wonders of breakfasting. We’d go once a week and could never bring ourselves to order anything else from the menu, and after a long hiatus we once again headed to Milk’d in Maylands for our bacon stack fix.

The cafe was much the same since out last visit, nice and open, white walls some plastered in posters, and a mix of furniture. The staff are friendly and you order at the counter. As always we went for a couple of lattes and two bacon stacks, concerned at the lack of variety we also justified ordering mango and coconut bread to share.

The coffee came surprisingly quickly, it had a nice flavour and good microfoam but it was just too hot to drink. It ended up sitting until after we’d finished our meals before it was drinkable to anyone other then those strange people that want to butcher their coffee by asking for it scorchingly hot.


The bacon stack arrived soon after our coffees, and it was pretty much as we remembered, buttery, salty toast, adorned in tomato, rocket and crispy bacon. We did have cause to note that it was smaller then it has been previously, the toast was a less then generous size. That being said this is still a fabulous breakfast, so simple, and with such a perfect flavour combination. The salt of the bacon and toast, the crispy bacon and gooey egg, combine with the lightness of the tomato and bite of the rocket to make an extremely satisfying breakfast. Yup, we still love it, and it will probably take all our willpower not to return next weekend to experience it all over again.


But wait, there’s more, the mango and coconut bread, toasted and slathered in yet more butter was the next beauty to arrive at our table. It had such a lovely lightness to it, soft with pops of coconut and a lingering sweetness of mango. It was just delightful toasted, and the butter added a pleasant saltiness contrasting with the sweetness of the bread. Another big plus dish for us! So simple, so good.


As long as they have the bacon stack we’ll probably end up back here eventually.

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